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Homeworkify Review: What is it, Features, Pricing and More


Being a student or a continuous learner, you know how difficult it is to complete assignments on time. We often wish we had an Aladin’s Genie to complete our homework in minutes. If you also think so, let us tell you that it is 2023, an AI era where technology makes everything possible. Homeworkify is an AI-powered tool that works exactly like a Genie for you. But Is it worth all the hype or just a waste of time? Let’s find out in this deeply-analyzed Homeworkify review.

It is an online study tool that offers academic support to students and helps them boost learning. It has features like step-by-step textbook solutions, AI-powered problem solvers, live tutoring, interactive flashcards, adaptive practice tests, expert tutor communities, math equation solvers, and more. All these features together make it a complete learning package for students.

What is Homeworkify?

What is Homeworkify_

It is an innovative educational tool that harnesses artificial intelligence to provide a personalized study experience for students of all ages. Whether tackling Biology, Math, Business, or Engineering homework problems, it aims to simplify the task. We can call Homeworkify as a Chegg unlocker homeworkify.

Platform operates on the belief that accessing more brilliant study methods at no cost should be available to all in today’s educational technology landscape. Users can swiftly obtain the precise answer by simply entering the direct URL of a question. Offers a Q&A search engine where students can input their queries and receive step-by-step solutions.

How to Use Homeworkify to Unblur Chegg Answers for Free?

A website that claims to unblur Chegg answers for free by using a search engine that finds the solutions from various free homework help websites. However, the reliability and accuracy of this website are not guaranteed, and it may not work for all questions.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use free Chegg answers homeworkify answers:

  • Go to the Chegg website and find the question that you want to get the answer to. Copy the URL of the question page.
  • Go to the Homeworkify website and paste the URL of the Chegg question into the search bar. Click on the “Search” button.
  • Wait a few seconds while it searches for the answer from different sources. You may be aske to complete a captcha or a survey to prove you are human.
  • If Homeworkify finds the answer, it will display it on the screen. You can download the image of the answer or copy the text.
  • If Homeworkify does not find the answer, it will show a message saying, “Sorry, we couldn’t find the answer.”
  • You can also use the Homeworkify app by Mathlab to unblur Chegg answers on your Android device. The app offers a free plan with some limitations and a monthly premium plan for $9.99.

Homeworkify Pricing

Homeworkify Pricing

The web version of Homeworkify is entirely free to use, requiring no subscription for access. However, Mathlab developed the Homeworkify Android app, which includes in-app purchases ranging from $2.49 to $26.99 per item. Understanding that the web version and the Android app are two distinct products is critical.

Features of Homeworkify AI

Homeworkify AI is a tool that helps students with their homework using artificial intelligence. Some of the features of it AI are:

Interactive Learning Experience

The Interactive Learning Experience feature lets you learn new topics, concepts, and methods engagingly and enjoyably. You can use the stage to watch videos, read articles, play games, and exercise. You can also use the platform to interact with other students, tutors, and experts.

Customizable Learning Options

The Customizable Learning Options feature allows you to personalize your learning experience by choosing subjects, topics, difficulty levels, and learning paths. You can also set your own goals, preferences, and pace. The platform will adapt to your wants and provide personalized recommendations and feedback.

Mock Quizzes

The Mock Quizzes feature allows you to take mock quizzes resembling exam conditions. You can choose from a variety of matters and difficulty levels. You can customize your quiz by setting the number of questions, the time limit, and the scoring system.

What Did We Like About Homeworkify AI?

Based on our experience through this detailed Homeworkify AI review, here’s what we liked the most about the platform:

Instant Help: It’s an excellent platform for getting instant help with homework questions without waiting for teacher feedback or searching for answers on your own.

Various Learning Resources: A lot of learning resources, such as step-by-step solutions, interactive practice problems, and video lessons, that suit different learning styles and preferences.

Concept Understanding: Its step-by-step method and detailed solutions help students understand complex concepts and gain a deeper insight into the subject matter.

Extra Learning: The AI tool enhances classroom learning by providing more practice and support, helping students master critical concepts and prepare for tests.

Personalized Learning: Lets students learn quickly, providing flexibility and customization to individual learning needs and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions on Homeworkify Site

How Does Homeworkify Work?

It uses advanced AI to find the best answer for any topic and question. The AI tool can even Unblur Answers, Unlock Complete Answers, Unlock Document links, and more for Free.

Why is Homeworkify Not Working?

It Net was not working because there were some technical issues that the team had solved, and now the website is live.

Is Homeworkify Legit?

Their mission says all about them. Their mission is to provide free education for all. Unlike many other homework-help sites requiring payment, it is entirely free. They believe that knowledge should be accessible to everyone. However, they kindly request that you use Homeworkify for educational purposes only.

Is Homeworkify Safe?

Yes, it is a safe tool.

How to Use Homeworkify?

You can use IT to unblur Chegg, Course Hero, etc., as well as answers, documents, and links. We have already mentioned all the use cases. You can check them out.

What’s the Best Homeworkify Alternative?

The best 100% working Homeworkify alternative is Chegg / Coursehero Solutions (Discord Server).


Instead of just using Homeworkify, try using different study tools to improve your understanding of knowledge gaps. Get expert guidance to enhance your studying. It is a good start, but checking out other options can bring new ways to improve your academic journey.

Others struggle with homework. Use these free alternatives to Homeworkify to tackle academic challenges, meet your goals, and excel in learning. Make your future your own by choosing the suitable Homeworkify alternative.

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