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our audience with the experiences, viewpoints, and perspectives of professionals. We read every request for a guest article, and we keep a careful eye on our site. Please do not send us requests without first reading the criteria, as we reserve the right to reject requests that do not adhere to them.

The “sponsored guest post” option is available on Result First if you’re seeking for an instant version. A Sponsored Story is published far faster than a typical guest post—within 1-2 business days. It must still abide by our requirements for guest blogging, and our editors must provide their permission.

To send your request, write to us at

What Do We Publish?

Education in Digital Marketing: If you are an expert in the field and want to inform our readers, please send your advice, how-to articles, case studies, trends, or lists.

Reviews from industry professionals: If you have relevant experience and a strong online profile, you are welcome to submit your thoughts on any topics pertaining to the digital marketing sector.

Infographic: You can send an infographic with an introduction if it is well-designed.

Guest Posting Guidelines:

  • We need you to be aware of our rules before to writing a tale and submitting it to ResultFirst. Please carefully read and abide by the following instructions:
  • • First, the fundamentals: Your article must be free of grammatical and language problems.
  • • Your story need to be engaging, educational, and enlightening. Every single post on our blog attempts to provide readers with useful material that will advance their knowledge of digital marketing or keep them current.
  • • Please avoid sending us text chunks that are part of Word documents. Your post should be properly organised with quotes, photographs, bullet points, and captions.
  • Avoid acting like a company that solicits business. Look like one in your tale since we are people who inform others. Speak to readers directly in the first person.
  • The word count of your articles should range from 800 to 1200.
  • Avoid using out-of-date or someone else’s copyrighted photographs.
  • Please include attribution for all statistics, photos, and quotes used in the article.
  • The narrative must be original and unpublished.
  • Add your biography and headshot to the article.
  • Don’t use your tale to market any services or goods.
  • Before submitting your article, provide your topic suggestions.

You maybe won’t hear from us if you don’t abide by the aforementioned rules.

How to Submit A Guest Post?

When your product complies with our requirements, submit it to We anticipate hearing from you.

Following submission, our team will analyse it, determine whether the content is original, and then approve it.

As soon as your content is accepted, we’ll be pleased to display the author’s profile along with a link to your blog, business, or website.

I look forward to receiving your contributions; please accept my gratitude.