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What Kind of USB Does Tesla Use? – 2024


You may not realize it at the earliest, but some essential features of your Tesla require external accessories. Both of these features, the Tesla Dash Cam and Sentinel Mode. Need you to plug external storage into your car’s USB port to use them. In addition, Tesla overwrites old images as its SSD fills up.

Even if you’ve already figured out your USB storage for TeslaCam and Sentry mode, you’ll quickly find that your Tesla’s onboard I/O can be pretty limiting. So if you want to ensure your Tesla is set up correctly for recording, but still have multiple powered USB ports available in your car, you’ll need a USB hub. In this guide, we’ve rounded up some of your best options.

Beat SSD/USB Storage for Tesla

If you want to take full benefit of Tesla’s two main features, DashCam and Sentry, opting for a regular USB drive can be very limiting. For example, Tesla’s Sentry Mode fills up the memory quickly, while regular room cleaning can be tedious. So if you plan to use Sentinel Mode and Dash Cam regularly. You should connect external storage such as SSD for Tesla models to take full advantage of the provided features. Computationally, you can fully utilize the features provided by Tesla with an SSD larger than 512GB.

Best SSD/USB Drive for Tesla Model Sentry Mode and Dashcam

Samsung T7 Portable SSD

Samsung T7 Portable SSD

Ecogears recommends the Samsung T7 portable SSD for it. Given its incredible read and write speeds with a USB 3.2 Gen 2 upgrade. In addition, the Samsung T7 SSD has no moving parts like hard drives; it is, therefore, more resistant to shocks and fits perfectly in your electric car.

With PCM technology, the SSD has a unique dynamic thermal control feature for high-speed transfers. Keeping the SSD at the optimum temperature. In addition, the size of the SSD fits perfectly into one of Tesla’s third-party USB hubs. Making it the best SSD for Tesla Model 3 and Y.

Sandisk PRO Portable External SSD

Another great option, the SanDisk 500GB Portable SSD, is an excellent option for your Tesla model. With shock, water drop and dust resistance. The SSD are perfect for connecting to the Tesla electric car and taking full advantage of Sentinel Mode features. In addition, the SSD for Tesla is equipped with NVMe solid state performance and offers a read speed of 1050MB/s and a write speed of 1000MB/s.

Wd 512GB My Passport SSD

As a pioneer in solid-state drives, Western Digital solid-state storage is perfect as an SSD for Sentry Mode and DasCam functionality in various Tesla models. In addition, the WD Passport 512GB SSD is ideal for Tesla Model 3 and Model Y due to its super-fast 540MB/s read speed.

The password protection feature makes it attractive for a Tesla owner and easy to protect privacy. In addition, the WD 512GB Portable SSD Storage features a unique auto-backup feature. Which means you can quickly recover lost or deleted important files and documents with the reliability of WD.

Crucial X8 1TB Portable SSD for Tesla

One of the best SSD options for TeslaCam and Sentry Mode. The Crucial X8 Portable SSD has a larger 1TB of storage in the same price range as others with 512GB Incredible 1050MB/s for faster transfers and usage. In addition, the aluminium case offers excellent resistance to drops, shocks and vibrations and fits perfectly in all compatible Tesla models for memory expansion.

Samsung Bar Plus 64Gb USB Drive

Due to read and write speed limitations, most USB flash drives are not the ideal storage solution for your Tesla Sentry or Dash Cam. But with an incredible transfer speed of 300MB/s, the Samsung Bar Plus USB Flash Drive works great for TeslaCam. In addition, the durable metal casing makes the USB flash drive a perfect storage solution for it.

What is the Best SSD for Tesla Model 3?

For Tesla Model 3, Samsung and SanDisk SSDs are best suited for recording DashCam images due to their 1050MB/s read/write speed and 512GB storage space.

What Size SSD do I Need for Tesla Models?

The size of the SSD rests on the recording time requirements. For example, one hour of dashcam recording requires 8GB of storage and almost 10GB for Sentry mode. Therefore, according to the calculation, 512GB SSD is enough to use Sentry mode and Dashcam features.


You might not understand it at first, but a few key features on your Tesla require external accessories. For example, the dashcam and Tesla’s Wake Mode need you to plug external storage into your car’s USB port to use them. In addition, It will overwrite old images as its SSD fills up.

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