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Offline Marketing Vs. Online Marketing: Which is Better?


Offline Marketing: It is the one million question. I assure you that many of my clients consult me ​​about this before embarking on the arduous task of investing in the advertising and marketing of their company. Therefore, you have to differentiate and know the pros and cons of online and offline marketing.

You should know the importance of allocating a specific budget for marketing actions if you have a business. I recommend you consider this since you must make your brand known and promote your products.

What can Offline Marketing Bring you?

This type of marketing can offer you the following:

Offline marketing continues to impact society since media such as television have a great reach.

  • It can be an alternative to differentiate yourself from other brands that only invest in online advertising.
  • Traditional media have also evolved favorably. The advertisements and publicity they broadcast have high doses of creativity, advanced techniques, and originality.
  • The fact that most people have profiles on social networks and are aware of the online world does not mean that another type of audience does not continue to prefer more traditional media. Some users continue to choose radio or television as their favorite channels.
  • It is a type of marketing that generates a lot of prestige. If, as an entrepreneur, you have the opportunity to appear on television, you will surely obtain widespread recognition. Many brands and entrepreneurs in some programs collaborating on their area of ​​influence are usually considered references.
  • These traditional media have a long history and have approximate data on the people who will follow the ads or programs where the brands participate. It is advantageous since it is invested in knowing the approximate audience that will follow the ad or publication in advance.
  • Here I can tell you my particular case. I have collaborated in different national media for years as a marketing specialist, and I assure you that I have noticed greater confidence from the public that hires my services. They have listened to me previously, and if they have liked my collaboration, it is a point in favor of working with new clients.

What Advantages does Online Marketing have?

These are some of the most prominent:

  • Digital marketing can be measured quite effectively and in real-time. For example, the interaction of users visiting the web or the reach of publications. It is essential to know the results to know if the strategy that has been develop is working. Online marketing allows the client to use accessible tools and techniques to monitor how it is constantly working.
  • You can vary the strategy in real-time. It is easier to do it in digital marketing than in traditional marketing since by checking the results at all times, you can modify or change the strategy according to the initial objectives.
  • Traditional media are not as flexible in applying the trial-error technique that digital marketing allows.
  • Unlike traditional media, it allows you to invest small amounts of money. It is more accessible for small and medium businesses. In addition, investing less does not mean getting worse results, and it will depend on the strategy and the message developed to influence users.
  • It helps to segment the public much better. When a product is advertise on television, it indeed has a greater reach. But it is aim at all types of audiences. However, in online advertising, you can segment the audience. For example, if an ad is made on Facebook, you can choose the age range, personal tastes, and location and also set the amount of the ad. With this, we will achieve that message impact among the audience that we have selected.

As you will see, each type of marketing offers different possibilities. Now, you should know that each business is a world. In my consultancies, I constantly analyze the type of business to find out the kind of advertising it needs and the most recommended marketing in each case.

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What Type of Marketing Should I Choose for My Brand?

After all this information, you must assess your product and brand’s essence. As we have mentioned, it is also essential to establish a marketing budget.

Taking this into account, you will have to choose. But you don’t have to go for just one option. You can use online and offline marketing together and compare the results offered by both possibilities.

Imagine that you have a large budget to advertise your company’s article and want to see what offers the best results. Prepare an advertisement for the Internet and another for the traditional medium of your choice and compare the impact both have obtained.

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