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What is Java? – Features, Importance, and More


Java is an object-oriented programming language that is widely used for application development. To know how to program computer tools to create applications and processes on various devices, it is necessary to understand and master a widespread language that is increasingly important for the community. That is why today, we will communicate to you what Java is.

What is Java and What is it for?

What is Java

Java is a programming language and computing platform created and marketed by Sun Microsystems in 1995. Although it is an object-oriented language, it intends to allow application developers to write the program only once and run it on any device.

What are the Features of Java?

To understand what Java is, it is necessary to define the characteristics that differentiate it from other programming languages.

It Is Simple

Java offers the functionality of a powerful language derived from C and C++, but without the less used and more confusing features of these, making it more straightforward.

Object Oriented

The object-oriented (OO) approach is one of the most popular programming styles. This is because it allows the software to be design to link the different data types to its operations.

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Is Distributed

Java provides an extensive standard library and tools so that programs can be distribute.

Platform Independent

It means that programs written in Java can run on any hardware, making it portable.

Garbage Collector

When there are no localized references to an object, the Java garbage collector deletes that object, thus freeing the memory it was occupying. prevents possible memory leaks.

It is Safe and Solid

Java provides a secure stage for developing and executing applications that automatically manage memory, provides specific communication channels protecting data privacy and, by having a rigorous syntax, prevents code from being broken; that is, does not allow its corruption.

It is Multithreaded

Java manages to carry out several tasks simultaneously within the same program. As a result, it allows you to improve performance and execution speed.

What is the Importance of Java in Programming?

It allows you to design software that can also executed and distribute on different platforms (MAC, Linux, Windows, etc.) without the need to modify them and even without thinking about the machine’s architecture.

Thanks to the Java Virtual Machine, a virtual machine creates a bridge between the application and the device’s hardware.

What Advantages does Java Offer to Websites and Blogs?

Some of the advantages offered by this programming language are:

it adapts perfectly to all types of devices (tablets, smartphones, computers, laptops), allowing you to view any content on the website;

  • it is possible to design almost any element or application;
  • it is possible to create, using XML, dynamic and attractive web pages;
  • allows you to include sound and multimedia objects, databases, and other functionalities.


Many applications and websites don’t work or have elements that won’t run unless Java is install. As a result, today, it is one of the world’s most widely use programming languages ​​. But did you know that today’s digital presence is a significant factor for any business? That is why we recommend you look at the essential elements that cannot be missing from your website. It will be beneficial to you.

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