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Navigate Charity. – A Complete Information

Navigate Charity. is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Charity number 1182020) based in Somerset. Its vision is to end financial hardship, and its mission is to offer those in need help building confidence, knowledge. And skills for long-term money management.

Navigate’s work benefits those individuals and families facing financial hardship and exclusion because of youth, age, ill health, disability, economic hardship, or other disadvantage across Somerset and parts of Devon. We also provide financial education and training services for businesses, educational establishments, and other organizations.

They are authorize and controlled by the Financial Conduct Authority (837950) for debt-related regulated activities. We are also a member of AdviceUK, and most of our specialist advisers are members of the Institute of Money Advisers.

Navigate Charity Team

Navigate Charity Team

All of the staff at Navigate Charity are qualified and highly experienced in their respective roles. Most of all, we have a heart for helping people. Our management team ensures that all strategic decision-making and delivery of services place the client at the center.

CEO – Mel Allen

Mel works full-time for Navigate and is driven by her desire to tackle social and financial exclusion. It worked for Wessex Resolutions CIC for 13 years, with 10 years as a senior manager for the organization. Mel was instrumental in the development and implementation of money and debt advice services and has been responsible for all advice activity since its inception, including fundraising, building stakeholder relationships, managing and monitoring performance, and developing new products and services in response to the growing needs of people facing social or financial exclusion.

An experienced team of advisers and community development officers supports Mel. Navigate is committed to delivering high-quality, accessible services. We are all incredibly proud to be part of a team effecting positive change and achieving incredible, sometimes life-changing, outcomes for the people we work with.

How the Charity Spends its Money

Navigate CIO provides specialist money and debt advice and financial education facilities to individuals and families facing financial hardship and exclusion because of youth, age, ill health, disability, economic hardship, or another disadvantage in Somerset and Devon. Our services are predominately delivered through home visits, but outreach and telephone appointments are also available.

Financial Education for Schools, Colleges And Universities

Navigate Charity believes financial education is the key to alleviating future poverty in our communities. They recognize that the specialist information required to deliver financial training can be daunting for schools and colleges.

Navigate Charity Training Modules

From just £10.00 per pupil, Navigate can deliver the financial element of the PHSE curriculum on your behalf via our interactive online training modules.

Navigate has developed two specialist training modules covering all PHSE financial education standards requirements.

Navigate provides students with relevant, up-to-date, and student-specific information designed to help them navigate the next phase of their lives, whether it be further education, employment, or moving out of home.

Money Management Workshops & Courses

Navigate the Money Maze is a series of interactive workshops and courses designed to give everybody the information, tips, and tools to help them navigate their way towards confidently managing their money. Our courses and workshops are available to anyone living in our funded areas of Devon or Somerset, both face-to-face and online.

Learn to Manage Money

Learning is deliver through games and discussions, making the process fun and enjoyable. It works with you to understand your priorities. We want you to leave a workshop feeling empowered to make financial choices. Those who complete the course will receive the Navigate the Money Maze Certificate of Attendance.

Course Topics

  • Making Financial Decisions
  • Saving and Borrowing
  • Budgeting and Money Management
  • Interview Skills/Confidence Building
  • Understanding Pay and Payslips
  • Myth Busting Benefits

Navigate Training Courses

Navigate Charity’s highly experienced money-advice specialist coaches will take your employees on a journey of discovery through the maze of money management, using interactive tools, games. And exercises that are proven to provide a truly interactive, stimulating, and action-planning training session.

Working with Navigate will help you improve sickness and productivity in the workplace. And provide the Navigate charity with valuable funds to continue our mission to improve the financial wellbeing of the most vulnerable people in our community.

Upskilling Staff to Recognise and Approach Financial Insecurity

Many front-line staff working with vulnerable individuals struggle to discuss money with clients. Navigate can help you recognize the signs of poverty and develop the skills to have compassionate and productive conversations about debt and money.

Alongside our current ‘Debt Awareness’ training, we also have ‘Having Difficult Conversations: Money’ and ‘Introduction to Benefits’ coming soon. Starting at just £5.00 per person online and face-to-face, contact us to learn more about our CPD courses here.

Improve Employee Wellbeing

From just £20.00 per employee, we can provide financial literacy training, helping your employees take control of their finances, move out of debt, and achieve their saving goals.

Utilizing our innovative, sensitive, and non-judgmental training techniques, your employees will benefit from a unique training experience. providing valuable tools to change their financial circumstances.

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