What is Ethical Marketing?

Ethical Marketing: Ethics is understood as all those morally accepted actions by the society in which we develop. So we know ethical marketing is those actions that impact the user when offering their products and services.

These actions, in turn, are associate with social responsibility and the environment. So we understand by well-developed, practiced, and morally accepted marketing strategies the activities that:

  • They are not used for the sole monetary purpose but to add value to the life of the user who consumes them.
  • Respect for nature and environmental resources.
  • Respect as much as possible the use of animals as experiments.
  • Avoid misrepresentation of information or manipulating the user that may cause psychological abuse.

Brands cannot forget the human. Therefore, they must be promote by ethical values ​​and principles. In addition to this, learn to communicate assertively.

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How ethical Marketing Manifests Itself

Psychologically, our brain is train to alert us in situations of risk that are evident as a threat. It only takes a pair of hints to perceive a situation or place as threatening, and this mechanism is merely unconscious. Let’s say it needs some “red flags” or warning signals to activate automatically.

How do you know you are applying unethical marketing? We mention below corrupt marketing characteristics that you may use in your business and did not know.

Reasons Why Marketing Should be Ethical

We can name a million reasons marketing should be ethical, and one of the main ones is that it is still direct toward human beings. For this reason, each of the strategies used to strengthen a brand must be based on the following:

  • Each brand must have values ​​that human beings can identify and feel belonging to space since, as social beings, that is what we need to belong.
  • Each of the contents must be oriented towards the individual’s moral, physical and psychological integrity. So if you build a brand for the sole purpose of monetizing your product, sooner or later, you will end up bankrupt.
  • The users who become your clients have entrusted you with a series of personal data. As a company and brand, you must maintain the confidentiality of these.
  • Personal satisfaction: When a user connects with their values ​​in an organization, joy is given off. This phenomenon occurs because you do not feel alone in the world but part of something else.

And if you still need more reasons or principles to develop yours as a personal brand, we invite you to visit the Marketing Association of Spain. Through this association, you will gain insight into your company’s principles and that you did not know how to give them a concept.

How to Apply Ethics in Digital Marketing

A company is recognize for what it is capable of doing for each of its loyal customers. Who uses unethical marketing or for purposes that harm the other, sooner or later comes to light.

It is much more challenging to regain the trust of a loyal user and improve your reputation. For your brand to be solid and flexible in times of crisis, learn to develop the following:

Define the Ethical Values ​​of your Company

These values ​​must be describe in a visible space on your web page since it is your cover letter.

  • Vision: To start developing what the image of your brand means, focus on conveying the starting point and the starting point. That is, what you have to build now and how you see yourself in a couple of years. The important thing is that it is concrete and direct.
  • Mission: This is where your business values ​​are enhanced. What is the main reason for the existence of your business? What passion moves you?
  • Values ​​or objectives: Some companies decide to add this statement to extend the values ​​that make up the company. In addition to this, you can describe some goals; try to make these the general ones since the important thing is that users observe a starting point.


Ethical marketing refers to the application of marketing ethics in the marketing process. In short, marketing ethics refers to the philosophical study, from a moral point of view, of specific marketing issues that are the subject of moral judgment.

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