The journey of black entrepreneurs in 2024 is a mix of prosperity and acceptance of persistent societal obstacles to progress. Those businesses owned by blacks built 34% between 2007 and 2012, with a total of 2.6 million companies, and small minority businesses increased 79% overall in 2017. The top 100 black-owned companies produced $30 billion in 2018, and women of color ran a whopping 50% of women-owned businesses in 2019they. On the other hand, there are still vast gaps in racial politics in funding opportunities.

Asmau Ahmed

Asmau Ahmed

Asmau Ahmed is a co-founder of Plum Perfect; she started as a chemical engineer but soon changed her enthusiasm for innovation. The Columbia graduate created Plum Perfect, an app that examines a user’s image to discover the ideal makeup for their skin color, including women’s different skin colors. She was ranked among the top five ” Best Women in Digital .”

Adelanwa Adesanya

Adelanwa Adesanya is an engineer who preferred the entrepreneurial spirit that connected technology with healthcare to aid heart attack care. Her company, Moving Analytics, offers a digital recovery plan that helps hospitals provide home care for patients. Her clinical etiquette and technology help care outside the hospital setting.

Moziah Bridges

Moziah Bridges made his brief appearance as a brilliant 12-year -old bow tie maker on the reality show Shark Tank a few years ago.

Reality television does not impact his profession but has built bridges for his career. The now 15-year-old recently signed a seven-figure deal to supply bow ties to the NBA, and his business, Mo’s Bows, is now thriving.

The Most Successful Black Entrepreneurs Making an Impact – 7 – July 8, 2022

Previously on Shark Tank, he turned down an investor’s $50,000 investment offer in support of zero money but ongoing mentorship with fashion mogul Daymond John. Rejecting that offer seems like a bold move now.

Kymberlee Jay

Kymberlee Jay began her career as a dancer for Madonna before working as a choreographer. However, she has now seen her progress with the DoodleDirect company that creates funny animated videos to promote companies’ internal and external relationships.

DoodleDirect has created work for primary clients, including Knight Frank, Vauxhall, and also, the Food Standards Agency. His achievement was recognized a few years ago when Jay won Arts and Media Rising Star at the 2017 Black British Business Awards.

Angela Benton

Angela founded NewME Accelerator, the first accelerator for minority founders. She was featured in CNN’s award-winning documentary, Black in America. She manages the data to estimate what media people use on streaming shows.

Ashifi Gogo

Ashifi Gogo grew up in Ghana and was the first to learn about technology through mobile phones. When he was thirty, he founded a technology company based on them. Sproxil is a consumer engagement and also, supply chain management company created to control fake products. They also help businesses protect their brand and attract customers.

Chris Bennett

Chris Bennett established a company, Soldsie, to make it convenient for small businesses to monetize their Facebook pages. Customers give their payment information to Soldsie, after which they can purchase products with little or no comment on store pages. Soldsie covers a complete admin panel to help sellers manage their listing and user feedback.

Courtney Y Tye Caldwell

A husband and wife team, Courtney and Tye Caldwell, just won a $100,000 investment from Dallas to start the competition for their ShearShare startup.

Its purpose is simple: to match barbershop and also, salon owners who have empty chairs with individual stylists who require a place to work. Tye is a salon owner with over 20 years of work experience, while Courtney has functioned in sales and marketing for businesses like Zendesk, Zenefits, and Qualtrics. With its compact business plan, the necessary skills, and a new cash dip, ShearShare is expected to progress even faster in the future.

Lanny Smith

You are frequently advise to ” follow your passion ” as an entrepreneur. But some people have many passions, and their love is to be prosperous. That has been the state of former NBA basketball player Lanny Smith. Who currently operates Active Faith Sports, a sports retailer featured with his Christian faith. Many of the products have slogans that follow his religious beliefs. This mix of sport and religion certainly captured an audience. With the company generating nearly $7 million in revenue in 2016.


Nothing is impossible with perseverance and hard work, and here are the examples of black entrepreneurs who started with nothing and are now growing their businesses and helping others too.

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