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How to Start Game Parlor Business in India?


Starting your own game parlor business in India can be a very rewarding and best business idea with low investment and high profit. Registering, locating, staffing, marketing, risking, and running your own arcade business takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Still, with the proper preparation, you can succeed in the industry.

This article will teach you how to start your own game parlor business in India. Find detailed market potential, investments, business plan, license and registration, marketing, competition, risk, and profit.

Investment in game parlor business

Investment in game parlor business

If you are planning a game room, the idea is good, but the investment is high because there is a high demand for games; you always have a winning touch. You can start the room with two and three games; later, you can move on to the last one.

When we talk about investment, it is Rs 5 lakh. From the 1st month, you can get 50 users per day. You can also opt for a bank loan and pay in installments.

Market Research and Potential

The success of a business depends on vigilance and dedication in the industry. First, you need to deeply understand the product and know how to attract the right customers. Market research is essential for this.

In the gambling industry, Most of your customers would be the ones who got bored with their existing collections or those who don’t have that kind of short set.

Check the market before entering the field, for example, which games are hot. And which area is best for a game room where you can attract more customers or where customers can quickly get closer.

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Visit Nearby Games

Visit the lounge at a different time to check peak times. Then, tactfully analyze which game is most popular among them. Another clever idea; Install it near the dining room, or you can also open up a small dining area with the playroom.

So that the game and the food of the teenagers attract them too. A double advantage. Contact a salon owner. Ask about the reason that forced him to lower the blinds. Always look for advanced and improvised ways to improve the gaming experience and engagement.

Machinery Equipment

To start an arcade, you need to buy gaming hardware. There are several kinds of slot machines in the marketplace. It’s up to you to decide how much you want to start with.

The game is an underlying hardware experience that updates frequently, and it would be financially more difficult for you to change it regularly.

To stay relevant, research the market thoroughly to find a genuine vendor with whom you can form meaningful strategies alliances. It means you don’t have to worry about buying new machines constantly and save on taxes.


Try to materialize your playroom, whether you can go there alone or in the company. A sole proprietorship would put you at risk of loss. Better to join a reputable company that gives you legal immunity from market risk and debt.


Go to a store in an area that has many linked customers. For example, you can rent in a supermarket or a shopping center because it is very crowded and children or teenagers prefer to come with friends or parents. In addition, they are often attracted to the playground. Therefore, it is better to take such places.

Another place you can go to a call center is in every health center. Parents who have children with them find a place to include them at the moment when seeing the doctor.

Once the store’s location is determined, please go to the nearest police station to report the decision. A technical team can come to your site to conduct audits related to fire safety and other safety regulations. Never let anyone play on credit, even if it means losing that unique advantage.


We can say Gaming Parlor is a decent investment for making money. Like today, birthday parties and children’s parties are held in the playrooms. There they can have fun with their friends. Going through all the notes, we conclude that Arcade is a profitable business when operated with good marketing strategies and connection schemes.

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