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All About Amar Ujala News – 2023


In 1948, Dorilal Agrawal and Murarilal Maheshwari started the publication of Amar Ujala news from Agra. Its Bareilly version also began in 1967. It is a famous letter of the districts of Agra, Bulandshahr, Aligarh, Mathura, Bareilly, etc., of western Uttar Pradesh. From December 11, 1968, ‘Amar Ujala news has also been published by Meerut.

The managing editor of ‘Amar Ujala news’ (Agra) is Anil Kumar Agarwal, and the local editor is Ajay Kumar Agarwal. Amar Ujala news is one of the most standard letters in the central districts of Western Uttar Pradesh.

History of Amar Ujala News

History of Amar Ujala News

Established in 1948, Amar Ujala news is one of India’s leading Hindi newspapers. 21 versions in 179 districts in 6 states and two union territories. With a whole daily circulation of 4.70 million readers (Source: IRS2019Q2, TR). It is one of the most read broadsheet newspapers in India with a circulation of 26.75,000 copies (1.79,000 copies included) (Source: ABC Jan – June 2019) (RNI figures for Lucknow and Kanpur had). Therefore the characteristics of Amar Ujala news covers North India containing Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, and Delhi NCR.

Amar Ujala news’s strength lies in a consistent and superior editorial report. With a clear focus on the diversity of the local issues of our 180 operational areas and the state, national and international prerogatives.

Amar Ujala news publishes an 18-24 page issue daily with colorful and vibrant pages in each case. In addition to the leading city-related newspapers and excerpts. Several niche supplements focus on topics such as work and careers, entertainment, women, and lots more. Our prevalent weekly magazine “Rupayan” is publish every Friday. The addition features female-centric content in all 21 issues, including stories about food, fashion, beauty, home and interiors, and more.

Amar Ujala News Weekly

AUW, the digital arm of Amar Ujala news, delivers national and international news across all genres 24/7 through its social media and digital properties. is a leader in digital Hindi and also has received the WAN-IFRA award for its design, innovation, and ease of use for the public.

Amar Ujala News Touch Point

Amar Ujala news’s Enabling Branch and Amar Ujala news’s highly specialized business unit offer 360-degree integrated solutions to potential customers to maximize market reach. With deep penetration of all critical North Indian markets, it is known for its conceptual, creative, and affordable delivery. From client briefing to concept planning, project implementation, and post-event reinforcement. Touchpoint is led by a team of highly dedicate professionals. Today it has a highly regarded clientele consisting of premium brands such as Hindustan Unilever, Dabur Groups, P&G, Hero, Mahindra, Tata Motors, Honda, LG, Volvo, Kellogg’s, and Parle, SRM Academe, Aditya Birla Group, DS Group and lots of others.

Amar Ujala News Foundation

Amar Ujala news Limited’s CSR arm has a mission to create a better future by empowering everyone. Established in 2012 and aligned with the company’s overall vision. Therefore the Amar Ujala news Foundation continues to expand the reach of impactful program services through its initiatives. AUF has launched a range of field activities that have now matured to enable broader sectors of society to live their lives with formality and pride through direct action on the ground to empower all, first the less fortunate. Empowering girls, protecting the environment, serving the elderly, identifying unsung heroes from all walks of life, and fostering excellence in our youth are other priorities.

AUF has launched various social initiatives such as Atul Maheshwari Chatravritti. In which we sponsor deserving students and provide them with economic assistance. Medhavi Chatra Samman, in which we provide a stand for students to present their degrees to the world. And also Maa Tujhe Pranam, where we carry out a series of thematic activities that revolve around patriotism and try to create a sense of responsibility towards the nation.

Amar Ujala News Aparajita

Aparajita-100 Million Smiles, a flagship initiative of the Amar Ujala news Foundation. It was create to empower rural and urban women and develop a community that thinks in a positive direction. Has a sense of equality towards women, is committed to gender equality. It is also committed to combating all forms of violence against women.

Amar Ujala News Safalta, as an advantage, has always been mark to think ahead and plan for the aspiring youth of India. Safalta intends to innovate in the burgeoning field of online education, targeting bright and also hard-working minds. Here we offer students a holistic learning experience while ensuring that our students receive the necessary guidance and knowledge to pave the way to success and a bright future.

Shabd Samman

Shabd Samman is a platform organize by the Amar Ujala Foundation to recognize the work of preserving the ethics of our literature through awards. This initiative was create to fulfill the inescapable responsibility of celebrating and also continuing the enriching tradition of writing and showcasing the finest emerging literary works in various Indian languages.

Prominent personalities such as former Indian President Shri Pranab Mukherjee. Indian lyricist Shri Gulzaar and Indian actor Girish Karnad have been part of Shabd Samman.

Amar Ujala News Humrahi

The trading network we call Humrahi (meaning “our partner”) is the backbone of the newspaper industry. In addition, the entire supply chain relies heavily on this network to deliver the product to homes.

During the pandemic, Amar Ujala took the initiative. To celebrate these faceless heroes with our readers and give them the credit they deserve for their contribution. Under the name “Coverage of the COVID Warrior,” we bring out these local heroes, the agents. Street vendors and also publish their photos for their respective editions along with their names and area with a message explaining their functions to the readers in this moment of appreciated uncertainty.


Amar Ujala, one of the leading Hindi newspapers, has launched a creativity called “Hindi Hain Hum” to improve the glory and pride of the Hindi language and revitalize its essence by promoting the high cultural, literary, practical, and everyday values that it has for our life and our territory.

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